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Scrapebox – How To Harvest High PR (pagerank) Blogs using Scrapebox!

Again, this is an old video that I made back in January of this year so it’s nothing really new. It’s similar to the video I posted before showing how to harvest high PR forums and manually post. This is essentially the same thing but instead of using the fast poster, it demonstrates scraping blogs,…

Scrapebox – How To Find High PR, Do-Follow Forums To Drop Your Links (Angela & Paul’s Links)

This was a video I created back in April to demonstrate how Scrapebox can be used to Scrape for different forum platforms. (vbulletin, SMF, etc.) Unfortunately, Scrapebox isn’t capable of commenting on forums but luckily there is other software such as Xrumer, Sicksubmitter and imacros that can submit your links to these types of forums….

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