Scrapebox Proxies – Setting up Private Proxies in Scrapebox

If you’re a serious about getting the most out of Scrapebox, having a set of private proxies is essential to achieving maximum results. If you haven’t tried Scrapebox with a set of private proxies, you’re missing out on huge advantages.

Here are some major advantages to using private proxies over Scrapebox’s shared proxies.

  • Speed – The speed at which Scrapebox performs any given task is improved immensely.  After some testing I noticed SB completed task 3 times faster using private over built in shared proxies. (video proof coming soon)
  • Security – I’ve noticed quite a few people on various forums mentioned some of the built in shared proxies leak your real I.P. address. This makes using these proxies completely pointless for blog commenting. With your I.P. getting leaked, your increasing the risk of getting your I.P. caught in blog spam protection as well as getting temporarily banned from Google. Not worth it!
  • Errors – You’ll notice when using the shared proxies a lot more errors occur when harvesting and posting. This is due to so many people hitting thousands and thousands of blogs with the same shared proxies. So by the time you get done testing your proxies and get to posting, chances are a few have already been temporarily banned or caught in askimet spam protection.
  • Saving Time – If you’re short on time like most internet entrepreneurs, then you don’t want to waste your precious time doing tedious and time consuming tasks.  I’ve noticed that having to harvest new proxies and test over and over gets pretty time consuming. If you’re looking for efficiency, private proxies are the way to go.

Listed above is only a small list of the disadvantages you’ll notice when using shared proxies. If you’ve decided to grab a set of private proxies you’re on the right path to mastering Scrapebox! The next step is easy. All that’s needed now is to load your new private proxies into SB using the proper format.

Private proxy format: IP:PORT:USER:PASS

scrapebox private proxies

Note: Make sure and test your private proxies before using them.

Now days you’ll notice a lot more private proxy providers using a feature called, “IP Authentication”. If your proxy provider offers this feature, you won’t have to worry about using the IP:PORT:USER:PASS format. Instead of requiring a username and password to authenticate the proxies, it uses your I.P. address.

Here’s an example of setting up IP authentication (

IP authentication proxy

By setting up your proxies to work with IP authentication, you won’t have to worry about using a username and password. You can now easily load your proxies into Scrapebox using just the IP:PORT. Pretty easy eh?

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