New Prespun Comment List Available! You Probably Haven’t Seen this Before.

I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately with people asking me to create a new prespun comment list. Unforunately, I haven’t had the time to create a new one due to focusing most of my time on the Ultimate Comment Scraper software and other ventures.

Well today I’m proud to say our new list is available .. but there’s a catch. This is NOT your ordinary comment list. This one  is using something special that most Scrapebox users didn’t even know existed … Scrapebox Tokens!

The developer of Scrapebox created “tokens” that can be easily put into your comments to make comments more believable by automatically pulling data from the website you’re commenting on and pulling data from your other .txt files loaded into Scrapebox.

An example of a token would be, “%BLOGURL%” (without quotes). Using this inside your comments will automatically take the URL of the blog you are commenting on and put it in place of the token.

So if you were to say, “Hey I noticed your %BLOGURL% is similar to mine.” it would really be putting, “Hey I noticed your is similar to mine.”. By doing this you’re making it 10x’s more believable that a human has actually visited the website, seen the URL, and placed it in the comment themselves.

If you’re curious of which tokens can be used in comments, here is the list:

  • %BLOGTITLE% – Replaced with the page <title> of the blog you’re commenting on.
  • %WEBSITE% – This will be replaced by your websites you have loaded in websites.txt (great for adding your links directly in your comments)
  •  %BLOGURL% – This will be replaced by the blogs URL you’re commenting on (domain name)
  • %NAME% – This will be replaced by the users name from names.txt or if have your anchors setup to be used in the websites.txt, it will use an anchor from that.
  • %EMAIL% – Will be replaced by one of your emails in the emails.txt file.

As you can see, these tokens can really increase your approval rate due to the fact they take information from the website you’re commenting on and use it in your comment. The only problem is coming up with your own comments and also using the tokens intelligently can take  A LOT of time. Not to mention having to spin the comments to make thousands of unique variations.

That’s why I decided to make this new list for all of you. The list is hand written and hand spun so you can guarantee quality. You will not have any basic, “Hey Great Blog!” comments in this list.  Nothing was created by automated software or any type of bot. It takes hours and hours to create my lists and I guarantee top quality.

Check in the comment boxes below this post to see an example comment posted with Scrapebox using tokens.


Quick note: All comments lists I sell are preformatted to drop directly into Scrapebox. All you need to do is load the list and you’re ready to begin commenting.


26 Prespun Scrapebox Comment List with Tokens  $17


**OLD LIST** (read about it here)

70 Prespun Generic Comments $17


**SAVE $7**

Get the Full Package (96 comments total) which Includes Both Lists $27


P.S. If you haven’t signed up for our list yet, you can do so by visiting the home page here and filling in the form on the right side. This will make sure you get alerted when we release special discounts to people on our list.

3 Responses to New Prespun Comment List Available! You Probably Haven’t Seen this Before.
  1. Comment Test
    July 6, 2011 | 1:03 am

    I have gone ahead and added a link back to your internet site from one of my clients requesting it. We have used your webpage URL: and blog title: Prespun Scrapebox Comment List with tokens to make sure that you get the correct anchor text. If you woud like to check out where your hyperlink has been placed, please email me at: Thanks a lot

    • Admin
      July 6, 2011 | 1:05 am

      In the comment above you can see how the “%BLOGURL%, %BLOGTITLE% and %EMAIL% tokens were used to automatically pull the blog URL, blog title, and email. You will also notice that the blog url and email are automatically hyperlinked. Pretty neat eh? 🙂

  2. Chris
    November 30, 2011 | 12:19 am

    you evil genius you 🙂

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