Giving Away Free Multi-Tier Linkwheels (only 5 spots)

Howdy SBer’s

I have had this blog up for roughly 8 months now and in that time I’ve received a ton of questions and feedback from SB users and internet marketers all over the world. I never knew this blog would be receiving around 100 hits per day back when I decided to create it 8 months ago. I’m very thankful to have a lot of you as customers and as a way of giving back to the small community we have here, I decided to give out a few free multi-tier linkwheels.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to create linkwheels for everyone here so to kick this off, I’ll be limiting this to the first 5 people that fill out the form and leave a comment in the comments below.

If you aren’t familiar with or know what a linkwheel/link pyramid is, please refer to this post here.

The kind of “linkwheels” I’ll be creating aren’t really linkwheels at all but more like link pyramids.

Look at the example image below to see a link pyramid looks like:

multi tier link wheel

The web 2.0 properties I use will also be bookmarked to help aid in getting your links indexed.

So here’s how it will work:

You can send me your article/articles spun or unspun. If they aren’t spun and you want them spun, please choose that option in the form. If you don’t have any articles I will do my best to find related articles and spin those. When finding related artilces, I try to look for articles that have your main keyword used throughout.

The linkwheel will consist of 30-50 web 2.0 properties and each property will be bookmarked.

I will send a report containing all URL’s and login/password details for each account created and you will own all accounts created. This is good if you want/need to make any adjustments.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your report. I will be doing this during my free time so please be patient while receiving your link juice. I will do my best to get them done as quick as possible. I’ll do my best to send you a report within the 3-4 days.

So like I said before this is limited to the first 5 people who fill out the form below and leave a comment. (don’t forget to comment!)

I would love to do this for everyone but unfortunately I don’t have the time or resources. However, I might open this up for more people when I get done with the first 5.

Alrighty, I think that about covers everything.

If you’re interested in a free linkwheel to give your website, article or any other link that extra boost, fill out the form below. Good Luck!


Sorry, all spots for the Linkwheel have been filled. If you would like to be notified when this free promotion happens again, please subscribe to my email list on the home page. Thank you

2 Responses to Giving Away Free Multi-Tier Linkwheels (only 5 spots)
  1. Ross
    August 17, 2011 | 1:24 am

    Cool blog!! I’ve literally just started in the SEO and internet marketing game, and have been checking out your blog with much interest. I recently acquired Scrapebox and have been looking for ways to put it to use.

    If I could grab a free linkwheel it would be appreciated – but could I message you the details for it in about a week or so, so that I have time to properly optimize my money site?

    I’ll be sure to use your link to purchase Linkwheel Bandit in the next couple of weeks.

    • Admin
      August 17, 2011 | 3:58 am

      Hey that’s no problem at all. Come back when you’re ready and I’ll set a linkwheel up for you. Good luck with internet marketing and seo!

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