Anchor Text Mixer – Post Penguin Anchor Text Recovery Tool

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If you’re into link building there is a big chance you’ve heard about Google’s latest algorithm update called, “Penguin”. Penguin has hit thousands of websites in the last few months and has created quite a buzz in the SEO community.

About 3 weeks ago, one of my websites that was ranked #1 and bringing in around $5-$8 in Adsense daily was hit and dropped completely out of the SERPs. Instead of being frustrated and giving up on the site I decided to start researching about the recent Google Penguin update and what changes have been made in the algo that could have made my site drop. I knew for a fact it couldn’t have been my on-page SEO because I had double and triple checked everything to make sure that it was up to Google standards. After researching, one of the most common things that kept pooping up on various websites and blogs was how important it is to vary your anchor text.  Varying your anchor text has been extremely important in SEO for years now, but keywords that use to be taboo like, “click here” or “visit my site” are no longer frowned upon but actually recommended in order to appear more natural.

I remember when most online SEO courses taught to not use “click here” or any similar keyword unless you want to rank for that keyword. Google Penguin update is all about natural link building and what is more natural then using some of the most common general keywords that websites use to link to each other? When a website is naturally receiving links from other websites, 9 times out of 10 every single link isn’t going to be a main keyword or a keyword variation. Most of the time it will be an anchor text like, “Visit Website” or “Read More Here”. By using these types of keywords in my keyword campaigns I was able to recover my website and get back to #1 within three weeks.

So here a tool I had made that makes mixing these “natural” anchor text with your Main keywords a lot easier.

Anchor Text Mixer – Post Penguin Anchor Text Recovery Tool

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See a video of the tool in action:

anchor text mixer

Anchor Mixer Benefits and Features:

  • Built in database of 167 Generic Anchors that have been proven to effectively counter the negative effects of Google Penguin.

  • Automatically randomizes and shuffles keywords

  • Different output formats (one per line, spintax, comma seperated, custom format)

  • No installation required

  • Can run multiple instances on 1 machine

  • Unlimited PC license (no license required)

  • Instantly available after purchase

This tool is now 100% free at

*Note* – .net 4 framework is required to run the software.

Have any feature suggestions or ways we can improve the software? Leave a comment below!


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